PD Certificates for Teachers

NEW:Beginning February 15 and running 必威中国电竞through the end of 2019,betway中国电竞IRIS Professional Development Certificates will beFREE.That's right,free,and it's all thanks to funding from the U.S.Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs.

Flexible,user-friendly,and built around reliable and trustworthy 必威体育注册resources,betway中国电竞IRISPD Certificates for Teachers allow individual users to pursue certificates for professional development hours.必威中国电竞Through this feature,practitioners can work 必威中国电竞through a wide variety of our modules and—after completing a pre-test and post-test—receive verification of completion and an indication of the number of hours it typically takes users to complete that resource.

Getting started couldn't be simpler:Create an account with a username and password.Next,browse availablebetway中国电竞STAR LegacyModulesand select the ones that best suit your PD needs.Thirty-three modules are now available,and more are added all the time.

Once you have created an account and selected a module,you will:

Your betway中国电竞IRIS PDCertificate(email or PDF) includes your name,the module you completed,the date,the hours you earned,and your pre- and post-test scores,if you choose.

Want to share at-a-glance information about betway中国电竞IRIS PD with your principal,superintendent,or other school administrator?We've done the work for you.Download and print this handy factsheet.