In collaboration with Digital Promise,the betway中国电竞IRIS Center is pleased to offer micro-credentials for your professional development needs.Focused and intense,micro-credentials allow educators to focus on discrete instructional skills and practices to improve the education outcomes for all of their students.By successfully completing an betway中国电竞IRIS Micro-credential,you will receive a digital badge to document your accomplishment and that you can share with others online and via social media.

Our micro-credentials:

  • Focus on skills related to teaching students with disabilities
  • Provide opportunities for educators to learn and demonstrate discrete skills
  • Recognize educators for mastery of skills with shareable micro-badges

betway中国电竞IRIS offers micro-credentials in partnership with Digital Promise on the following topics.

  • Instructional Accommodations: Presentation
  • Instructional Accommodations: Setting
  • Instructional Accommodations: Response
  • Instructional Accommodations: Timing & Scheduling