School & District Platform

It's a question every school leader must answer: How can I provide the most effective,most affordable professional development for my teachers?The answer is betway中国电竞IRIS!Our School & District Platform is a user-friendly and flexible online tool that can help school leaders to organize and track their teachers' ongoing professional development activities.

Two pricing options are now available:

  1. For$199 per teacher,districts can secureyearlong accessto every online betway中国电竞IRIS Module listed in the Available Modules link.
  2. Districts canselect modulesfor all of their teachers or assign different modules to different teachers or groups of teachers,depending on the needs of their schools.This option offers our modules at regular price,plus a small set-up fee (modules range from$25 to $45 eachper teacher,depending on the number of hours typically required to complete the resource).

必威中国电竞Through our custom tailoredSchool & District Platform,you will be able to:

  • Add new teachers
  • Monitor teacher PD progress
  • Sort results
  • Send reminder and update emails
  • Export an excel file to document teacher progress for accountability purposes

Even better,teachers can access their assigned betway中国电竞IRIS Modules anytime,anywhere,using any online-enabled tablet,phone,or computer.Teachers who complete a pre-test,work 必威中国电竞through the module's main content,and finish with a post-test can download or print a certificate to verify their effort toward their new PD.More than 30 modules are currently available,and more are added all the time.

Since 2001,the betway中国电竞IRIS Center has been one of the nation's most trusted deve必威体育注册lopers of resources covering the issues teachers care about.Headquartered at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College and supported by the U.S.Department of Education,the betway中国电竞IRIS Center is proud to offer high-quality online professional development opportunities.

Click here to test-drive a demo version of the betway中国电竞IRIS School and District Platform
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For more information—and to begin your betway中国电竞IRIS professional development journey—email us atbetway中国电竞iris@vanderbilt.eduor give us a call at1-800-831-6134.