betway中国电竞IRIS & the Next Generation: Supporting Classrooms


In the betway中国电竞IRIS Story"betway中国电竞阳光状态下的鸢尾:在大学课程中使用并与同事分享,“博士。Mary Little,中佛罗里达大学(UCF)特殊教育系成员,explained how she introduces her teacher candidates to the free 必威体育注册resources available from OSEP-funded centers,including the betway中国电竞IRIS Center.Two of her students,一前一流,share their stories here and talk about how they use betwa必威体育注册y中国电竞IRIS resources to support their work in schools.


佛罗里达州杜瓦尔县公立学校系统的自闭症谱系障碍项目支持代表,Jeffrey Sharrah originally learned about the betwa必威体育注册y中国电竞IRIS resources during his master's program at UCF when he completed assignments using IRIS Modules on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and peer-assisted learning strategies (PALS).Jeffrey was impressed with the instructional design of the modules and the formats 必威中国电竞through which the in-depth content was provided: text,绘图,音频采访,video clips,以及互动活动。他意识到,与UDL一致,这些资源必威体育注册模拟了教师应该用来指导学生的多种手段。



ASD Instructional Program Support Representative

当我还是个学生的时候就用这个来扩展我的知识。当你读东西的时候,必威中国电竞the visual models that go along with it were really helpful for me.它汇集了大量信息。And then once I actually started getting into the 必威体育注册resources a little farther,包括所有其他的东西,和活动一样,the information briefs,我觉得很有趣,and I'm still using them today even after I'm done with the classes.It's a really good base to come back to whenever I need to find information to help train my teachers.

在我在这个地区的角色中,I support teachers that are in a special autism-related program.一旦我开始研究艾里斯,betway中国电竞我发现了其他关于功能行为评估的模块,课堂管理,以及其他领域,如差异化教学。新老师来了,they have a difficult time with classroom management,尤其是当你和经常表现行为问题的学生一起工作时。So classroom setup was a big thing,这是IRIS资源的一部分。betway中国电竞必威体育注册So I used that,我坐下来和学校的教练一起训练,然后和新老师一起完成了。必威中国电竞我们制定了一个计划,这样我就可以跟进她,并在这方面继续跟进,确保她在不同的时间执行某些事情。必威中国电竞

还有一次,一位经验更丰富的老师很难在课堂上制定出具体的策略,也很难与包容型学生合作。因此,我们实际上在这种情况下与教育部的老师和行政部门合作,because we wanted to increase the student's independent functioning skills and then get him to be able to go out into the gen ed classrooms.So we worked with the administration and sort of changed the school environment,除了提高他的独立技能,and we found all that information within the betway中国电竞IRIS Center Modules.

The betway中国电竞IRIS Modules have come in very handy,because at the beginning of the school year we have to do specific trainings for our self-contained teachers,as well as the support staff like paraprofessionals.所以我和我的一些同事一起工作。We found that some of the tools included in the betway中国电竞IRIS Modules and some of the lessons were helpful to do during preplanning trainings.Now we're following up.我们每隔一周就有一次提前发布,这是两个小时的培训,因此我们可以将特定的模块培训纳入该框架。

我们有质量绩效指标,一份基于研究的标准清单,我们试图确保每一个独立的教室都已到位并在一致的基础上使用。每当我们的教练直接在自给自足的教室里支持老师时,they'll go 必威中国电竞through on a quarterly basis and talk about these performance indicators and what's in place and coach them on how to get those things in place.很多次,教师在执行所有这些绩效标准时遇到了困难,但是在向他们展示了模块和其他资源之后,我注意到在教室里可以看到的性能指标的数量和质量都有所必威体育注册增加。


A student of Dr.在UCF的远程学习计划中,Rebecca Ziberstein is currently working as a 5th- and 6th-grade science teacher in the Dominican Republic.Her students have a wide range of needs,and many are just beginning to learn English.自从她开始介绍Iris资源后,betway中国电竞必威体育注册丽贝卡已经找到了自己使用它们的创造性方法。According to Rebecca the betwa必威体育注册y中国电竞IRIS resources are invaluable to her for two reasons.一个是多米尼加共和国对于有特殊需要的学生来说,没有太多容易获得的资源。必威体育注册The second reason is that she is developing her own portfolio of 必威体育注册resources for use after she graduates.Rebecca cites betwa必威体育注册y中国电竞IRIS resources as helping her to gain a better understanding of specific instructional techniques and practices that are evidence-based and then actively using those practices to change the way she teaches her students.


In her interview,Rebecca shares the 必威体育注册resources that she currently finds most helpful,并解释她未来打算如何利用他人(时间:2:26)

Classroom teacher

我在大学的所有课程中都使用过IRIS中心betway中国电竞。We've used them as another resource for learning in addition to our textbook.I found them extremely helpful,我已经返回并重新启动了它们,并保存了嵌入在模块中的链接。我记得一个你可以查看学生绘图记录的地方,student data,练习如何做到这一点。And it tells you whether you're doing it right and doing it wrong.马上给我反馈。I really enjoyed those in particular,as well as the ones that have step-by-step instructions of "First,寻找这个,然后寻找这个,然后你可以继续这个步骤。”

我使用过有关住宿的模块。过去两年我教数学,I referenced the math modules a lot and differentiation modules because I had a huge gap in my class between my lowest students and my high students,so I was able to use those repeatedly,kind of go back to it and remind myself.

我计划将来使用IRIS模块,betway中国电竞when I'm done with my classes,while I'm teaching.我为学校创造了一个资源,对于我学校的其他老师,because we don't have a special education department or anyone who provides 必威体育注册resources.所以我开始制作一个有特定链接的文档,IRIS和其他资源中的特定模块供教师使用,并betway中国电竞按年级和科目划分。必威体育注册I've shared it with my school,与我密切合作的教师。我希望将来能帮助我的学校发展一个特殊教育部门。我计划利用这些资源与其他人分享,让他们看到,必威体育注册使用它们,and have them,because they're so valuable.

Since I've been using the betwa必威体育注册y中国电竞IRIS resources,我肯定觉得我对如何在课堂上行动有了更好的理解,因为这些模块的资源,必威体育注册and the videos,and the practices—give a complete idea of how things can work in the class and based on evidence what the best way to go about doing certain processes or activities would be.我觉得我已经能够看到我的课程按照这些模块中显示的步骤发生了变化。